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I am normally a CVS/ RiteAid kinda gal.. but I was directed to this pharmacy due to their competitive prices on specific medications I need.

At first approach, it really does live up to the name-- DISCOUNT pharmacy. It felt like I had been transported to a PicN'Save from my childhood with recycled metal shelving and price gun labeling on a random assortment of pharmacy type needs. Despite the lack of glamorous settings, the pharmacy really has wow-ed me with their level of customer service. Both in person and over the phone -- they have been super kind, accommodating and informative. Even when they made a pricing mistake, they were quick to correct it over the phone and offer to send documentation via mail.

I can't say anything about the drugs or pricing since I had no other choice but to come here.. but at least with the service and assistance I received -- I've been pleasantly surprised.

It appears to be family-run which gets the additional star to a total 5. I have no qualms about this business and although no one likes entertaining medical concerns, they help make at least part of the process manageable. I appreciate that very much.

- Kimmy C.

Amazing prices! This pharmacy is located in the scripps hospital on the ground level. I called around to prob around 15 pharmacies in San Diego and their prices were half of what others were charging for a non generic prescription. Seriously other places were quoting 200-300 for the script and it was 107 at La Jolla discount. My health insurance doesn't cover any scripts written outside of the network so this place saves a lot of money when I have to pay out of pocket.

I got quick proficient service and they even told me if I find a better price else where they might be able to match it. I just have to let them know in advance and they will discuss with the manager. Free validation also.

-Serina C.

I'm giving this pharmacy 5 stars because of price and friendliness! Location is only slightly inconvenient as it is located right in the middle of the scripps la jolla hospital campus, but it is SO worth it! I was undergoing some expensive treatment and they literally saved me $900 on one of the medications alone!! In fact, it was cheaper to pay out-of-pocket there than it was to pay the insurance price elsewhere! No joke! Don't assume that the insurance price is always cheaper. I've saved thousands by comparing prices with la jolla discount pharmacy.

-Kari R.

Every time I have visited this pharmacy the staff have been efficient and courteous, even at their busiest. I have never had to wait for more than 15 minutes, even for some weird concoctions that required special compounding. I try to time my visits for around 9AM or 5PM when they seem less crowded.
David is super-helpful - I heard him helping out an older customer who was fed up of coming in on multiple days to pick up refills. He took 5 minutes to review her notes then set her up with some extra medications so that now all her prescriptions are coordinated and she only has to come in once to get them all. How's that for service?

-Fiona G.

I was a little worried when they were unlocking the doors at 9am to set up, but wow they were in place & spoke with me within seconds of opening.
My Dr said they'd called ahead, but when I arrived I wasn't in the system. They took charge & called my Dr to get it straightened out. I heard my Dr apologize on the other end of the phone, so I assume it wasn't the pharmacy's fault.
They filled my prescription & did a wonderful job explaining each item.

I found both David and the pharmacy staff very friendly and helpful.

-Lindsay H.

Great pharmacy & great prices! Very friendly staff, and they remember your name. The pharmacist helped me save even more money with a rebate program for 2 of my prescriptions.

-Jenna P.

I had an excellent experience in dealing with this pharmacy. I came here because the specialist I am seeing is in this building. My doctor called the medication in and when I got a call from the pharmacy I got a price quote. I had researched pricing for the medication on different mail order websites prior to ordering and am so happy to say that La Jolla Discount Pharmacy's pricing was much lower than those websites.
After reading the reviews on here I was a little bit nervous to see what would happen once I actually got there. No one was in line when I showed up and most of my medications were ready to go. There were a couple medications that were refrigerated and needed to be filled on site so Michelle told me to hang on for about 10 minutes while they took care of that. I took a seat in the very lovely lobby area and came back after 10 minutes. Michelle went over everything I was getting and David popped over to just see if I had questions and advise me on storing the refrigerated medication.

They validated my parking pass so I didn't have to pay anything for that.
The original price quote over the phone was accurate, actually even a little bit less because Michelle took the initative and asked for my insurance card, even though I was under the impression none of the medications would be covered.

Most likely wouldn't use the pharmacy again simply because I am not generally in this area, but if your local pharmacy doesn't carry something and you need to come here don't be concerned about it.

-Marsha S.

I'm so impressed with this place. They treat people like were living in a little town; as if they truly care. I just bought some expensive drugs (cheaper than cost co-btw) and had to use three methods of payment. They were so polite and competent with the situation it made me feel really good.

-Julie H.

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